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Study can be quicker and less painful if you have good study habits. A few small changes make a big difference.
Managing your time is the key to getting everything done well. Use diaries, schedules and time limits to help you stay on top of it all.
When things get rough, your goals remind you of what you're working for. Long- and short-term goals help keep everything in perspective.
It's normal to feel stressed sometimes, but it's important that you learn how to recognise stress so you can manage it.
Procrastination adds to your stress levels because if you avoid your work for long enough, you'll run out of time and have to do everything at the last minute.
Deadlines are part of life both in and out of school. Learn how to stick to them, and ask for help if you're having trouble.
Work hard, but make sure you give yourself time to recharge. Family, friends and a healthy lifestyle are important too.
Cramming the night before an exam will only stress you out - revision is supposed to be done gradually, throughout the semester.
Take some time to get the basic facts right. Know the time and place of the exam, and make sure you bring everything you'll need.
Some simple guidelines apply to most exams, and can help you get the most out of the time you have.