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The end of the war brought dancing in the streets, but years of hardship still lay ahead.
Crete was a defeat for the Allied forces, but it was a fighting retreat, remembered with pride.
Refugees escaping from Hitler found themselves caught up with captured enemy soldiers in Australia’s internment camps.
Australia was a destination for European Jews escaping from the terror of the Nazi genocide.
A hard fought battle along a narrow jungle track created a legend in Australian history.
Australia entered the war with only a small army: it had to urgently build a large fighting force.
Women were ready to serve and suffer in the cause of winning the war.
The war was a political struggle for Prime Minister John Curtin, while the people prepared for invasion.
Everyday life on the home front had to change when basic food items became hard to find.
The Western Front settled into a line 20km wide and 800km long, running from the English Channel to the Swiss Alps.