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Over a decade after the first National Sorry Day was held, Kevin Rudd formally apologised to Indigenous Australians.
In Victoria, it's taken over 100 years for equality of the sexes to be legally realised.
World War II was an opportunity for Australian women to take a step outside of the domestic sphere.
A key figure in the campaign for Equal Pay for women was Zelda D'Aprano, a working-class crusader prepared to take action.
The struggle for female suffrage in Victoria took decades of lobbying and hard work.
In 1970, an Australian author wrote a bestselling book that helped define women's rights around the world.
In 1997 the Australian Reconciliation Convention discussed the possibility of a better future for Indigenous Australians.
As European settlement took its toll on Indigenous communities, Aboriginal leaders fought tirelessly for land of their own.
In 1998, a 19th century British squatter's observations led to the failure of the Yorta Yorta's attempt to reclaim their land.
Two years after the historic Mabo case, the Yorta Yorta people brought Native Title back into the national spotlight.