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The end of the war brought dancing in the streets, but years of hardship still lay ahead.
Australia was a destination for European Jews escaping from the terror of the Nazi genocide.
Men outnumbered women six to one on the goldfields and harsh conditions took their toll on the female population.
In a single year, the population of the colony of Victoria almost doubled.
La Trobe struggled with overcrowding but managed to lay the foundations of a modern city.
Edward Snell made ‘two piles’ of money: one out of gold-digging, the other as the Engineer of the Melbourne-Geelong Railway.
In New York, the Piersons joined American, Canadian, German and English men and women on a 4 month voyage to Australia.
Jong Ah Siug wrote a remarkable diary while an inmate in one of Victoria’s asylums.
The remnants of a barrel from first settlement at Sullivan Bay.
The first settlement at Sullivan Bay wasn't a success, with convicts and settlers alike struggling to stay alive.
The second attempt at convict settlement in Port Phillip Bay brought to light an embarrassing blunder by previous explorers.