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You need to be able to identify bias in every resource you use, so you know whether it is reliable, objective information.
While you always need to question the information and consider its historical context, there are some specific questions to ask when you're evaluating websites.
Images need to be evaluated in a different way to documents. Asking specific questions helps you to better understand the image's underlying message.
Before you hand in your assignment, you need to assess your own work and try to solve any problems you find. If you take the time to do this, you'll get your best possible mark.
There are several strategies you can use to evaluate your work. The best strategies help you see both the positives and the negatives of what you've done.
Every good essay needs an argument - the message your reader remembers long after they've finished reading.
The language in your essay question tells you what you need to write about, and how you need to do it.
A good quote adds something to the point you're making, and relates directly to back to the essay question.