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Crete was a defeat for the Allied forces, but it was a fighting retreat, remembered with pride.
Australians met Americans for the first time and discovered they did not always match the Hollywood image.
A hard fought battle along a narrow jungle track created a legend in Australian history.
Major Arthur Moon saved lives in the Japanese prison camps, and kept a secret record of his work.
The war was a political struggle for Prime Minister John Curtin, while the people prepared for invasion.
Away from the front, soldiers were keen to live for the moment and indulge in the freedoms of a 10-day leave pass.
The correspondence of Anzac troops hints at tragedies kept to themselves; later revealed in diaries and memoirs.
For those who survived the war, initial relief gave way to a new set of problems.
The Western Front settled into a line 20km wide and 800km long, running from the English Channel to the Swiss Alps.
After a disastrous landing at Anzac Cove, a legacy was salvaged by a successful retreat and evacuation.