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Learn what life was like in colonial Melbourne, from the people who were there to see it happen. Discover Melbourne's criminal past, the history of Victoria's changing landscape, political events, gold rushes and the impact of the World Wars.

From bushrangers to bombers, Glenrowan to Gun Alley, Victoria has always had a colourful criminal history.
Indigenous rights, women's suffrage and a shorter working day all contribute to the history of rights in Victoria.
Learn about Victoria's role in Antarctic exploration, and how the Victorian landscape has changed over time.
Discover the issues and personalities that shaped Victoria, from convicts and alcohol to a founder called Batman.
The discovery of gold changed the land and brought half a million people to Victoria.
A young nation rushed to war, eager to prove its worth to the British Empire.
Little more than twenty years after World War I, Australia committed to a new global conflict.