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This section offers you a range of learning and teaching resources, activities and student templates to use with your students and for your own professional learning. These resources also complement school excursions to the Library.

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Students discuss some of the reasons behind exploration and become explorers themselves as they create maps of their local area.
Students develop strategies for searching online and locate resources for research.
Students explore the nature of first contact between Aboriginal people and European settlers by viewing primary sources including drawings by Aboriginal artist, Tommy McRae.
Students use a Lotus diagram to expand and elaborate on simple research questions to improve the breadth and quality of their research.
Students examine the 8 hours movement through an image study looking at representations of early trade unions in Labour day parade banners.
Students explore representations of indigenous people in the twentieth century, including reconciliation and the bicentenary celebration in 1988.
This pathway brings together resources and activities for students exploring the Victorian goldrush as part of AusVELS Level 5 Humanities - History.
Students develop an understanding of the sequence of events in the Burke and Wills story by creating a timeline.
Students explore the decision making process behind the events and eventual failure of the Burke and Wills expedition.
Students generate questions for research using the See Think Wonder strategy.