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This section offers you a range of learning and teaching resources, activities and student templates to use with your students and for your own professional learning. These resources also complement school excursions to the Library.

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Students explore how they can present their research in the form of historical fiction.
Students explore issues historians have with Batman's treaty. Through in depth investigation of the original documents, students explore the validity of the so-called 'treaty' with the Wurundjeri.
Students explore early twentieth century media representations of women who campaigned for the right to vote, commonly known as suffragettes, by looking at a range of newspaper images from the time.
Students explore representations of criminals Ned Kelly and Chopper Read in popular culture of their respective periods, exploring similarities and differences.
Students explore how people of all races and walks of life rushed to the goldfields for a chance at striking it rich, looking at primary sources from the time.
This group of activities provides different approaches to comparing and contrasting sources in the classroom.
Student templates to support the analysis of different sources including images, maps and documents.