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This section offers you a range of learning and teaching resources, activities and student templates to use with your students and for your own professional learning. These resources also complement school excursions to the Library.

If you’re a member of the State Library of Victoria, you can access databases from home or school. You can join the library online by going to the State Library Victoria website.

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Students explore the point of view of a person who lived during Victoria’s past.
Students examine the dangers and harsh day to day realities faced by diggers and their families on the goldfields through a detailed look at primary sources from the time.
Students explore how the works of artist S.T. Gill provide an insight into the experiences of diggers on the Victorian gold fields.
Students explore how catalogues work and use filtering tools in the State Library Victoria catalogue.
Students explore the Trove archive and develop online search strategies to help navigate large catalogues and databases.
Students explore the controversial issue of conscription in the two World Wars by looking at images from magazines, government public communications and souvenirs from the time.
Students collect images to enhance their research and explore online tools to present their historical research.
Students explore the features of an exhibition, finding out how wall panels, labels and primary sources work together as a source of information.
This pathway brings together activities and resources for primary students who are using images to explore Victorian history.
Students explore different online tools for recording resources and creating bibliographies.