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Tropical ulcer involving nail bed


particularly intractible to treatment


Batman's doll


The doll that John Batman gave to his daughter, Elizabeth.


Date of creation unknown.

Propaganda poster

Norman Lindsay.



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Explore history

Explore Victoria's social, political & cultural development with original documents and images. These pages provide a glimpse of the variety of historical resources that you can find in the State Library's collections - both onsite & online.

Fight for rights

Reconciliation, women's suffrage and a shorter working day are all part of the history of Victoria.

Colonial Melbourne

Scandalous stories that shaped the colony, from convicts & alcohol to a founder called Batman.

Australia & WWI

A young nation rushed to war, eager to prove its worth to the British Empire.

Golden Victoria

The discovery of gold changed the land and brought half a million people to Victoria.

Australia & WWII

The threat of war on our doorstep ensured Australia's participation in the Second World War.

Rebels & outlaws

From bushrangers to bombers, Glenrowan to Gun Alley, Victoria has a colourful criminal history.

Land & exploration

The legends and disasters of early exploration, and how our landscape has changed over time. Now with new pages on Regional Victoria.