Life on the goldfields

This pathway brings together resources and activities for students exploring the Victorian goldrush as part of AusVELS Level 5 Humanities - History.

Learning intention

Students will:

  • Explore the impact of a significant development or event on a colony; for example, frontier conflict, the gold rushes, the Eureka Stockade, internal exploration, the advent of rail, the expansion of farming, drought 


Below is a list of resources and pages featured in the Explore History section of this site that support research into the Victorian goldrush.

Significant Victorians

Day-to-day life


Environmental and social impact


Other resources are available in the Golden Victoria section of the site.


These activities can support students' research and writing about the gold rushes:

These activities explore key issues and primary sources:

The Research skills section also provides addtional information and strategies for students.

More to explore

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Painting showing illicit alcohol service at the back of a tent.