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Refugees escaping from Hitler found themselves caught up with captured enemy soldiers in Australia’s internment camps.
Major Arthur Moon saved lives in the Japanese prison camps, and kept a secret record of his work.
Jong Ah Siug wrote a remarkable diary while an inmate in one of Victoria’s asylums.
Hard physical labour and isolation were common punishments for 19th century Victorian prisoners.
After Ned Kelly's execution, the 'science' of phrenology offered a window into his mind.
Harry Power was the inspiration behind Ned Kelly's criminal career, and one of Victoria's most daring bushmen.
Public opinion was divided on the execution of Ronald Ryan – the last man hanged in Australia.
With a brutal criminal past, Mark 'Chopper' Read has turned his jail sentence into a successful money-spinner.
A sleepy Sunday evening turned sinister, as Melbourne faced the horror of a gunman on the loose.
From humble beginnings, Pentridge Prison grew to house some of Victoria's most notorious criminals.