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Many towns throughout Victoria and Australia were ‘drowned’ to make way for dams in the early part of the twentieth century.
Bushfires have dramatically shaped the way we respond to the Victorian bush and country.
Improvements in farming technology have had a huge impact on our environment and our economy.
Life was incredibly hard for diggers. Many even described the gold fields as a graveyard - each man digging his own grave.
Always a contentious issue, deforestation has been a part of Victorian life since European settlement.
Water management has become an important issue in our ‘sunburnt country', but its imprint on the environment can't be ignored.
They may have begun as harmless decoration, but many introduced plants are now considered weeds.
Erosion is a major issue for the Victorian environment, affecting the land, its people and our cultural heritage.
Since the first European settlement, human activity has played a major role in the extinction of native animals and plants.
The innocent actions of some homesick colonists have meant extinction for many Australian native animals.