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The Indigenous people of Victoria used sophisticated farming practices to mould and shape their environment.
Bushfires have dramatically shaped the way we respond to the Victorian bush and country.
A hard fought battle along a narrow jungle track created a legend in Australian history.
Away from the front, soldiers were keen to live for the moment and indulge in the freedoms of a 10-day leave pass.
The correspondence of Anzac troops hints at tragedies kept to themselves; later revealed in diaries and memoirs.
The Western Front settled into a line 20km wide and 800km long, running from the English Channel to the Swiss Alps.
After a disastrous landing at Anzac Cove, a legacy was salvaged by a successful retreat and evacuation.
In New York, the Piersons joined American, Canadian, German and English men and women on a 4 month voyage to Australia.
Nicholas Pateshall's record of his experiences in Port Phillip provides a rare insight into convict life.
After 32 years living in an Aboriginal community, William Buckley found himself stranded between two cultures.