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Victoria was the only permanent British colony to be settled without the permission of the British authorities.
Balancing the ownership, value and use of land in an emerging colony was a struggle in Victoria.
News of Victoria’s good fortune spread throughout the world.
In a single year, the population of the colony of Victoria almost doubled.
La Trobe struggled with overcrowding but managed to lay the foundations of a modern city.
Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Hotham didn't want the job, but he had no choice - Victoria needed sorting out.
The second attempt at convict settlement in Port Phillip Bay brought to light an embarrassing blunder by previous explorers.
The rise and rise of the squatter provided the basis for much of Victoria's wealth prior to the gold rushes.
Female convicts and free settlers were a small but important part of Port Phillip's development.
Almost since their arrival, settlers had felt strongly that Port Phillip deserved to be a separate colony.