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Joseph Docker was a respected pioneer in the country and a shrewd businessman in his city dealings.
Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb were remarkable women for their time as they were both landholders and pastoralists.
Edward Snell made ‘two piles’ of money: one out of gold-digging, the other as the Engineer of the Melbourne-Geelong Railway.
In New York, the Piersons joined American, Canadian, German and English men and women on a 4 month voyage to Australia.
Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Hotham didn't want the job, but he had no choice - Victoria needed sorting out.
Jong Ah Siug wrote a remarkable diary while an inmate in one of Victoria’s asylums.
Antoine Fauchery returned from Ballarat with £60; he spent £30 on a billiard table and opened his café.
For 15 years Charles Joseph La Trobe governed over one of the most turbulent periods in Victorian history.
After 32 years living in an Aboriginal community, William Buckley found himself stranded between two cultures.
A chance encounter led William Buckley to a new life in an Aboriginal community.