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The end of the war brought dancing in the streets, but years of hardship still lay ahead.
Joseph Docker was a respected pioneer in the country and a shrewd businessman in his city dealings.
Australians met Americans for the first time and discovered they did not always match the Hollywood image.
La Trobe struggled with overcrowding but managed to lay the foundations of a modern city.
John Batman's contract with the Wurundjeri people presents some inconsistencies.
The second attempt at convict settlement in Port Phillip Bay brought to light an embarrassing blunder by previous explorers.
After 32 years living in an Aboriginal community, William Buckley found himself stranded between two cultures.
A chance encounter led William Buckley to a new life in an Aboriginal community.
In the 1830s, an influx of newcomers saw Melbourne flourish, and begin to resemble the metropolis we know today.
After some initial problems, Melbourne's city grid became an iconic feature of a rapidly growing town.