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Refugees escaping from Hitler found themselves caught up with captured enemy soldiers in Australia’s internment camps.
Major Arthur Moon saved lives in the Japanese prison camps, and kept a secret record of his work.
Life was incredibly hard for diggers. Many even described the gold fields as a graveyard - each man digging his own grave.
Most observers were surprised that such a large population - most of them armed - were so well-behaved.
Chinese migrants made up a large proportion of those coming to Victoria to try and make their fortune on the gold fields.
Water and gravity were used to separate gold from dirt in the early days of the gold rushes.
The second attempt at convict settlement in Port Phillip Bay brought to light an embarrassing blunder by previous explorers.
After 32 years living in an Aboriginal community, William Buckley found himself stranded between two cultures.
A chance encounter led William Buckley to a new life in an Aboriginal community.
Escaping from a convict settlement was William Buckley's first step towards becoming the ‘Wild White Man'.