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Adding your own ideas and opinions makes your essay more interesting, so brainstorm and think about what you already know about your topic.
Doing some background reading will help you identify key search terms that you can use when you start looking for resources.
Searching with keywords helps you find the best resources, faster. Think of as many keywords as you can.
Thinking about keywords improves your search results in catalogues, databases and search engines by helping to focus your research.
Specialised search engines, databases and catalogues focus your search results by looking at particular groups of resources.
Use newspapers and journals to get information about a specific topic. You can find a lot of articles in full-text format online from the State Library of Victoria's catalogue.
Many rare documents and images are now available online. Check out the State Library of Victoria's catalogues to see what's new.
You can get a lot of information from the people around you. Find out what your family and friends know about your topic, or whether a local community group can give you any information.
Library services include specialised databases and librarians to help you search.
Once you've found your resources, you need to choose the best ones to use for your assignment, by critically evaluating what you've read.