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The Indigenous people of Victoria used sophisticated farming practices to mould and shape their environment.
Victoria was the only permanent British colony to be settled without the permission of the British authorities.
Balancing the ownership, value and use of land in an emerging colony was a struggle in Victoria.
Improvements in farming technology have had a huge impact on our environment and our economy.
Women were ready to serve and suffer in the cause of winning the war.
Everyday life on the home front had to change when basic food items became hard to find.
For those who survived the war, initial relief gave way to a new set of problems.
Always a contentious issue, deforestation has been a part of Victorian life since European settlement.
Water management has become an important issue in our ‘sunburnt country', but its imprint on the environment can't be ignored.
They may have begun as harmless decoration, but many introduced plants are now considered weeds.