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The new colony struggled to capitalise on the wealth generated from its natural resources.
Over a decade after the first National Sorry Day was held, Kevin Rudd formally apologised to Indigenous Australians.
Almost since their arrival, settlers had felt strongly that Port Phillip deserved to be a separate colony.
From activist, to rebel, to controversial politician – Peter Lalor's life was truly one of contrast.
In 1854, Victorian gold miners united to protect their rights. The resulting battle was the Eureka Stockade: Australia's most famous rebellion.
Victorian women's political rights didn't come without a struggle. Leading the battle was a woman called Vida Goldstein.
The struggle for female suffrage in Victoria took decades of lobbying and hard work.
It only addressed part of the problem, but to Australia, the 1967 referendum represented a ‘fair go' for Indigenous people.
As World War I dragged on and the casualty list grew, Australia struggled to maintain troop numbers.