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The end of the war brought dancing in the streets, but years of hardship still lay ahead.
Improvements in farming technology have had a huge impact on our environment and our economy.
Women were ready to serve and suffer in the cause of winning the war.
Everyday life on the home front had to change when basic food items became hard to find.
Separated by 20,000 kilometres, Australians at home were encouraged to support the troops in any way they could.
News of Victoria’s good fortune spread throughout the world.
In the early days of the gold rushes, getting to the goldfields was a matter of walking, going on horseback or buying a place on a bullock dray.
Edward Snell made ‘two piles’ of money: one out of gold-digging, the other as the Engineer of the Melbourne-Geelong Railway.
Unique qualities of this metal guarantee its value as a symbol of wealth and a highly desired material in industry.
In the 19th century, much of Victoria's wealth came from gold mining, but it came at a cost to our environment.