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The end of the war brought dancing in the streets, but years of hardship still lay ahead.
The defence of Tobruk against a seemingly unstoppable German army was a much-needed morale booster for the Allied forces.
Australians met Americans for the first time and discovered they did not always match the Hollywood image.
A hard fought battle along a narrow jungle track created a legend in Australian history.
Women were ready to serve and suffer in the cause of winning the war.
Away from the front, soldiers were keen to live for the moment and indulge in the freedoms of a 10-day leave pass.
After a disastrous landing at Anzac Cove, a legacy was salvaged by a successful retreat and evacuation.
The Australian’s first action in France at Fromelles would also be among their most costly with more than 5000 casualties.
Antoine Fauchery returned from Ballarat with £60; he spent £30 on a billiard table and opened his café.
Beneath the soil of Victoria were the biggest and purest nuggets ever discovered.