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You need to be able to identify bias in every resource you use, so you know whether it is reliable, objective information.
While you always need to question the information and consider its historical context, there are some specific questions to ask when you're evaluating websites.
Images need to be evaluated in a different way to documents. Asking specific questions helps you to better understand the image's underlying message.
You should use both primary and secondary sources in your assignment, so you can get a variety of viewpoints to help you make up your own mind.
Paraphrasing and summarising can help you record and use quotes in your work.
There's no special place to find quotes, but when you're researching, you'll start to spot the great ones.
Different types of quotes work well in different situations. Choose the quote that best illustrates the point you want to make.
You can illustrate your points with quotes, anecdotes, summaries or graphics - anything that supports your argument.
When using quotes, you must reference them in your essay and in your bibliography, to avoid plagiarism.