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Police desperate to find an elusive outlaw or a missing child often enlisted the skill of the local Indigenous people who could 'read' the land.
Joseph Docker was a respected pioneer in the country and a shrewd businessman in his city dealings.
The Indigenous people of Victoria used sophisticated farming practices to mould and shape their environment.
When the European settlers arrived in Victoria few believed they were taking land that was not rightfully theirs.
Historians are beginning to piece together the role of Indigenous Australians in the Victorian gold rush.
Over a decade after the first National Sorry Day was held, Kevin Rudd formally apologised to Indigenous Australians.
John Batman's contract with the Wurundjeri people presents some inconsistencies.
After 32 years living in an Aboriginal community, William Buckley found himself stranded between two cultures.
William Buckley's mysterious life has long been an inspiration for writers and historians alike.
A chance encounter led William Buckley to a new life in an Aboriginal community.