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Escaping from a convict settlement was William Buckley's first step towards becoming the ‘Wild White Man'.
In the 1930s, an educational pamphlet taught children a version of their town's history.
Burke and Wills could very well have been saved if they had relied on the knowledge and experience of Indigenous guides.
Portrait photograph of Robert Russell
One man's private thoughts and observations provide a window into life in 19th century Gippsland.
When the Burke and Wills expedition proved a disaster, the skills of a self-taught bushman helped pick up the pieces.
In 1997 the Australian Reconciliation Convention discussed the possibility of a better future for Indigenous Australians.
As European settlement took its toll on Indigenous communities, Aboriginal leaders fought tirelessly for land of their own.
In 1998, a 19th century British squatter's observations led to the failure of the Yorta Yorta's attempt to reclaim their land.
Two years after the historic Mabo case, the Yorta Yorta people brought Native Title back into the national spotlight.
The odds were against an Aborigine trying to fight a settler in court. But Tommy McRae believed he had a right to fair treatment.