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Victoria was the only permanent British colony to be settled without the permission of the British authorities.
Balancing the ownership, value and use of land in an emerging colony was a struggle in Victoria.
When the European settlers arrived in Victoria few believed they were taking land that was not rightfully theirs.
Victoria’s sudden riches caused as much anxiety as celebration.
Children were especially vulnerable to the harsh conditions on the goldfields.
Most observers were surprised that such a large population - most of them armed - were so well-behaved.
Chinese migrants made up a large proportion of those coming to Victoria to try and make their fortune on the gold fields.
Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Hotham didn't want the job, but he had no choice - Victoria needed sorting out.
Jong Ah Siug wrote a remarkable diary while an inmate in one of Victoria’s asylums.
John Batman's contract with the Wurundjeri people presents some inconsistencies.