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A key figure in the campaign for Equal Pay for women was Zelda D'Aprano, a working-class crusader prepared to take action.
Victorian women's political rights didn't come without a struggle. Leading the battle was a woman called Vida Goldstein.
The struggle for female suffrage in Victoria took decades of lobbying and hard work.
In 1998, a 19th century British squatter's observations led to the failure of the Yorta Yorta's attempt to reclaim their land.
Two years after the historic Mabo case, the Yorta Yorta people brought Native Title back into the national spotlight.
The odds were against an Aborigine trying to fight a settler in court. But Tommy McRae believed he had a right to fair treatment.
It only addressed part of the problem, but to Australia, the 1967 referendum represented a ‘fair go' for Indigenous people.
A brutal murder captured Melbourne's imagination and sparked intense public debate.
From humble beginnings, Pentridge Prison grew to house some of Victoria's most notorious criminals.
Port Phillip endured several dysfunctional prisons before Melbourne Gaol was established.