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The rise and rise of the squatter provided the basis for much of Victoria's wealth prior to the gold rushes.
Almost since their arrival, settlers had felt strongly that Port Phillip deserved to be a separate colony.
Hard times and economic woes made the lure of alcohol all too tempting for Melbourne's common folk.
An Irish migrant became one of the most influential men in Victorian public life.
Hard physical labour and isolation were common punishments for 19th century Victorian prisoners.
From activist, to rebel, to controversial politician – Peter Lalor's life was truly one of contrast.
Despite his passion for cultural development, judge Redmond Barry was ruthless in court.
In 1854, Victorian gold miners united to protect their rights. The resulting battle was the Eureka Stockade: Australia's most famous rebellion.
After Ned Kelly's execution, the 'science' of phrenology offered a window into his mind.
Public opinion was divided on the execution of Ronald Ryan – the last man hanged in Australia.