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Edward Snell made ‘two piles’ of money: one out of gold-digging, the other as the Engineer of the Melbourne-Geelong Railway.
Hard times and economic woes made the lure of alcohol all too tempting for Melbourne's common folk.
In 1854, Victorian gold miners united to protect their rights. The resulting battle was the Eureka Stockade: Australia's most famous rebellion.
Moody, restless and senselessly brutal, ‘Mad' Dan Morgan was one of Victoria's most notorious bushrangers.
After Ned Kelly's execution, the 'science' of phrenology offered a window into his mind.
Ned Kelly's suit of armour is one of Victoria's most treasured and symbolic historical icons.
Harry Power was the inspiration behind Ned Kelly's criminal career, and one of Victoria's most daring bushmen.
Ned Kelly's passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings.
Public opinion was divided on the execution of Ronald Ryan – the last man hanged in Australia.
A key figure in Melbourne's violent underworld, Squizzy Taylor was Australia's answer to American gangsters.