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The Australian medical profession was a man's world until ten Melbourne women took it upon themselves to make a change.
Once a makeshift meeting place for unions, Trades Hall has become a Melbourne icon.
Lively political debate was a Sunday tradition on the banks of the Yarra River.
Before Melbourne was even established, John Pascoe Fawkner was dreaming of how he wanted it to be.
They may have both been called 'Eliza', but Batman and Fawkner's wives were very different women.
Most accounts of John Batman's life focus on his success, and overlook the tragedy of his final years.
In the 1840s, a new take on penal transportation gave small-time criminals the chance to change.
Melbourne's population in the 1800s reflected the city's growth as a bustling metropolis.
From humble beginnings, Pentridge Prison grew to house some of Victoria's most notorious criminals.
Port Phillip endured several dysfunctional prisons before Melbourne Gaol was established.