Ask yourself questions

An easy and effective way to evaluate your work is to ask yourself questions. Your answers will help you identify any problems, so you can then find ways to solve them. Sometimes you'll need to ask someone to help you with this.

Begin by asking yourself general questions, like:

  • Have I answered the question?
  • Does my work meet the assessment criteria I was given?
  • Have I given evidence to support my ideas?
  • Is my assignment structured correctly?
  • Have I edited my work enough?
  • Is my work interesting?

Then, ask more specific questions, like:

  • Are there any spelling mistakes?
  • Does each sentence make sense?
  • Is there anything I can do to improve my presentation?
  • Does every sentence and paragraph add to my argument?
Take a break between finishing your work and evaluating it. This helps you assess your work more objectively.