Find a balance

High school is really important, but so is finding a balance between work, rest and play.

You might have to limit the time you spend doing some hobbies, but try to hold onto the ones that put a smile on your face.

Food and exercise

When you're busy and stressed, you're less likely to be taking care of yourself. Try to keep these things in mind:

  • a balanced diet keeps you alert – find some fruit and vegetables you like and snack on them instead of junk food
  • try to fit exercise into your daily routine – it's an opportunity to take time out, and helps keep you healthy and alert. Ride to school, or walk the dog before starting your homework.


It's important to get around nine hours sleep each night when you're a teenager. If you don't get enough sleep, you may have:

  • trouble concentrating and remembering things
  • low energy and motivation
  • unpredictable moods
  • angry feelings
  • depression
  • poor motor skills.

Family and friends

In senior school it can be hard to maintain your relationships with family and friends. But when things get tough at school, you can feel isolated if you don't have these people to turn to. Make the effort.

Remember, there is life after Year 12. Do your best, but keep something in reserve for all the good stuff that's still to come.