Deal with procrastination

Procrastination adds to your stress levels because if you avoid your work for long enough, you'll run out of time and have to do everything at the last minute. Some reasons for procrastination include:

My assignment's boring

Some assignments aren't very exciting, but if you want to pass, you have to bite the bullet and get it done. Do some background reading and you'll usually find something you can sink your teeth into.

If that doesn't work, think of something you enjoy doing – for example, making videos or working with friends – and ask your teacher if you can present your work that way.

I don't get it

If you don't fully understand what you have to do, it might help to talk to your parents and friends in your class – a bit of a brainstorm can sort out your ideas.

If this doesn't help, don't be afraid to ask your teacher in class. There's no such thing as a stupid question, and chances are other people have been wondering the same thing but have been too embarrassed to ask.

It's all too much

When you've got five essays due in a week and you don't know where to start, sometimes you just want to give up then and there.

Break up your task into a list of smaller tasks and tick them off as you go. Attach rewards to groups of tasks – it's easier to finish your essay introduction when you know you can call a friend afterwards.

Time limits are great too because they help you to prioritise what you have to do and make sure you don't waste time on small tasks that should only take a few minutes.

I don't want to do it, I can't be bothered

Don't worry, most students have felt this way about at least one assignment. But unfortunately, assignments are a part of school and you just have to do them. The sooner you get them done, the sooner you can get on with things that you want to do.

One way to manage work you don't feel like doing is to start with the parts you really hate, so they're out of the way. Attach big rewards to getting them done.

Everyone procrastinates. The trick is to set up some simple strategies to help you get over the slump in your work.