Be well prepared

Exams are a lot less stressful if you take a bit of time to prepare for them.

Location and time

It sounds obvious, but check the time and place of your exam and plan to arrive 10–15 minutes before it's scheduled to start. You never know, there might be a last-minute venue change, or your train might be cancelled.

Exam materials

Make up your own personal exam kit so that you're as comfortable as possible. Include things like:

extra pencils, pens and scrap paper

  • water and snacks to keep your energy up
  • a watch to keep track of time
  • any charts, books or special aids you're allowed
  • comfortable clothes so you're warm – or cool – enough.


Going over your notes the night before and on the day of your exam is fine, as long as it's not the only revision you do. However, sometimes it's less stressful to sit and quietly focus your thoughts before an exam, instead of trying to cram in extra information.

Check your exam guidelines so you know exactly what you're allowed to take to each exam.