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After a disastrous landing at Anzac Cove, a legacy was salvaged by a successful retreat and evacuation.
The Australian’s first action in France at Fromelles would also be among their most costly with more than 5000 casualties.
Separated by 20,000 kilometres, Australians at home were encouraged to support the troops in any way they could.
As Australian armed forces grew from 3,000 to 50,000, some soldiers struggled with the discipline of military life.
From supporting the ‘mother country’, to the mythic status of Gallipoli, journalists and artists saw World War I as the birth of a nation.
As World War I dragged on and the casualty list grew, Australia struggled to maintain troop numbers.
Australian men answered the call to war with a sense of adventure, duty and enthusiasm.
The defence of Tobruk against a seemingly unstoppable German army was a much-needed morale booster for the Allied forces.