Glossary beginning with T


Silent or unwritten; as opposed to formal arrangements.


Someone who is good at strategy and the tactics of warfare.


An Aboriginal term meaning the exchange of gifts in return for safe passage over a person's land. Tandarrum doesn't involve the permanent sale of land but temporary use.

Task words

A verb which tells you how to approach an essay question.


A person who doesn't drink alcohol.

Temperance movement

A movement of men and, especially women, in the 19th and early 20th centuries that fought for the controlled use and even banning of alcohol.


A process where businesses or individuals are asked to plan and put a price on their services for a project.

Terra nullius

The literal translation of this Latin term is 'land belonging to no one' and the legal term was traditionally used to describe unclaimed land or territory.


A dictionary of antonyms and synonyms.


Separating the grain from the chaff and stalk.


The surface or upper part of the soil or land.

Trades Hall

The Melbourne Trades Hall opened in 1859 and has provided unionists and labor members with a place to gather for meetings and recreation for over a hundred years.


A written or printed version of something created in another medium. For example, a typed copy of a hand written manuscript or what was said in a video interview.

Synonyms: transcripts

In Australian colonial times, transportation refered to the process of sending convicted criminals to serve their sentences in penal colonies like NSW and Van Diemen?s Land.


Dishonest and untrustworthy conduct.