Glossary beginning with A

Aboriginal Protection Board

The Victorian Aboriginal Protection Board was a government organisation created under the Aboriginal Protection Act of 1869, with wide-ranging power over the lives of indigenous people. The Board regulated issues concerning housing, employment, marriage and almost every aspect of daily life. The Board was also responsible for administering various ‘half-caste’ acts that led to the Stolen Generations.

Aboriginal Protector

An Aboriginal Protector was an official of the Aboriginal Protection Board who had the responsibility to provide food, education, medical services, shelter, clothing and religious instruction to Aborigines. In theory they were meant to defend the rights of indigenous people but they often ended up enforcing European laws designed to 'control' Aboriginal people. As a result, some Protectors lost their positions when they tried to stand up for the rights of Aboriginal people.


The process of coming together.

Aiding and abetting

Helping to organise a crime someone else actually commits.


An agreement between parties to support each other.


Loose material washed down a stream and deposited.

Alter ego

An alternative identity used to live a second life. Alter-egos are often secret.


When you compare two different things by looking at the qualities they both share.


When you compare two different things by looking at the qualities they both share.


Break the topic into parts and assess critically.


Based on personal observations and experiences.


A short story about an event or experience which is often amusing or entertaining. Anecdotes can also be used to illustrate a point.


Notes that comment on a particular image or section of text.


Family of Australian marsupials.


Approval or praise.


Dry conditions, often used to describe land.


An agreement between parties to stop fighting.


A place where weapons and other military equipment are kept.

Assisted immigration

In order to boost the number of free settlers in the colonies during the late nineteenth century, the Colonial Government helped European migrants (mainly British) to come to Australia by helping to pay for their trip.


Resources about Australia and Australian history.