Glossary beginning with R


Cutting stalks of wheat at the stem.


Aboriginal reconciliation is an act that goes towards acknowledging the actions of European settllers and beginning to heal the relationship between indigneous and non-indigneous people through mutal understanding and acceptance.

Reference collections

Commonly used books in a library, including dictionaries and encyclopedias which can't be borrowed so that people can access them at all times.


A secret force trying to undermine the invading army.


When someone loses their job.


Causing great change in a society; disrupting the social order of things.

Royal Commission

An independent body with certain legal powers which is set up by the government to report on a particular issue

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Originally founded as the Working Men?s College in 1887, RMIT is now a modern university with a focus on technology.

Royal Military College

The Royal Military College, Duntroon is Australia?s military academy, where cadets train to be accepted as officers in the Australian army.