Glossary beginning with S


A point in the line where the enemy's territory 'bulges' through. A salient must be well-defended as it is vulnerable on three sides.


When salt accumulates on the surface of the soil of fertile farming land, leading to soil degradation and erosion and preventing plant growth.


Systems to safely and hygenically dispose of waste.

Scare quotes

Quotation marks around a word which show the writer doesn't agree with how the word's been used. they can also show that a word is controversial or can be understood in different ways.


The limits of a piece of work - what you will and won't do.


A disease affecting the skin and gums; caused by a deficiency of vitamin C.

Shock troops

Troops used usually at the beginning of encounters with the enemy because of their ferocity and skill.


Surrounding ones opponent and cutting off their supplies in an attempt to force them to surrender.

Snowy River Scheme

The largest industrial development of its kind in Australia, the Snowy River Scheme was a series of dams started in the 1950s and finished in 1975 that diverted 99% of the Snowy River?s flow through the mountains to provide hydro-electric power to Victoria.


In Australian law the Solicitor-General is the second law officer of the state and a public servant who represents the Attorney-General in court proceedings.

South Magnetic Pole

The South Magnetic Pole should not be confused with the geographic South Pole. The South Magnetic Pole is a moving point on the surface of the Earth that shifts due to the fluctuating magnetic field of the Earth. It's currently just off the coast ofWilkes Land, Antarctica.


High risk investments. Buying goods in the hope that one can sell them for a profit.


A situation where neither person (or side) can establish dominance over the other. 

Stand-over man

A term used by gangsters to describe someone who physically intimidates people, often robbing or assaulting them to get their way.


To stop the flow of something.


Is a defensive barrier consisting of tall posts strung together into an enclosure, usually with sharpened ends as an extra measure of security. Often used as a makeshift gaol.

Stolen Generations

A group of indigneous people who were taken by force from their parents when they were children as part of an Australian government program which ran from the mid 1800s through to 1960s.


A worker who deals with brick or stone

Subject-specific words

Words that relate to a specific topic or area of study, including events, places, people and time periods.


Thought of as less important or less valuable.


The right to vote, especially in political elections.


Key information from a text


Senior supervisor of a govenment, police or miltary organisation. In Colonial Australia, 'superintendent' was the title given to men who looked after indigenous missions.


A giant star that produces heavy elements when it explodes.


Giant stars that produce heavy elements when they explode.

Supreme Court

The highest court in the Australian legal system on a state or federal level.


A series of questions used to gather information


Likely to be harmed or influenced by something.


People who supported Ned Kelly and his gang.


Two or more words with the same meaning