Glossary beginning with N

Nardoo cakes

An Australian species of fern that is treated, then ground into flour, made into caskes and eaten by Aborigines.

Native Title

Native Title describes the rights of indigenous people according to r their traditional laws and custom and in particular their relationship with and right to ancestral land.

Neo-natal care

Medical services offered in hospitals which take care of ill or newborn infants

Newport Rising

The Newport Rising was a large-scale British uprising of Chartist workers, including many coal miners, in a battle for equal rights and better working conditions. Newport, where the events took place, is a town in South Wales in the United Kingdom.

Newspaper index

An index of articles which have appearedin a newspaper over a period of time.


Using a candle or lantern to steal 'paydirt' or nuggets from another team's hole.

Non-Aggression pact

An agreement from two countries that each would not fight the other.


Nouns are naming words that usually have words like 'a' or 'the' in front of them. They refer to people, places, objects and ideas.