Plan your assignment

Having a clear plan and structure for your assignment makes writing much easier and faster. Some methods for planning are listed below.

Mind maps

Mind maps are useful if you have a lot of information, or if you haven't yet worked out a clear purpose. To create a mind map:

  • write your topic in the middle of a piece of paper
  • write each point you want to make in a new bubble linked to the question
  • write three pieces of information in bubbles around each point – they should be examples you can use to prove that point
  • look for similarities, differences and connections between your ideas.

Mind maps are great for visual thinkers, as they use images to show how ideas are connected.

Mind maps can include images, graphics or text – whatever helps get your ideas on paper. Once you see how your ideas fit together, you can use a linear plan to help put your points in a logical order.

Linear planning

Linear plans are useful when you're writing something that has a specific structure, like an essay. A linear plan describes your:

  • introduction
  • first point
  • second point
  • third point
  • conclusion.
Always have your assignment question in front of you. It will help at every stage of the research process.