Edit paragraphs

On your second read, look at each paragraph in turn. First, look at your introduction and ask:

  • Is my argument clear?
  • Does it answer the essay question?
  • Have I included any necessary background information?

Then, look at the body of the essay and ask:

  • Is each paragraph about one idea?
  • Does each paragraph have a topic sentence describing the point of that paragraph?
  • Is there at least one clear example in each paragraph?
  • Do examples relate to the point they're meant to illustrate?
  • Do I explain each example and link to the next paragraph?
  • Have I used a variety of sources?
  • Do paragraphs fit together in a way that makes sense?
  • Does every paragraph add to, and relate back to, my argument?

Finally, look at your conclusion and ask:

  • Does it summarise the key points in my essay?
  • Does it link back to the introduction?
  • Does it drive home my argument?
  • Have I made sure there are no new ideas in my conclusion?
One way to get paragraphs in a logical order is to print your work, cut out the paragraphs and rearrange them.