Law enforcement

In Victoria's criminal history, men like Ned Kelly and Chopper Read usually take the starring roles.

But what about those who established the legal system, defended the innocent and captured the guilty?

Uncover the other side of crime in Victoria, and learn how prisoners were punished, how gaols were established, and who handed out the justice in court.

Police desperate to find an elusive outlaw or a missing child often enlisted the skill of the local Indigenous people who could 'read' the land.
Port Phillip endured several dysfunctional prisons before Melbourne Gaol was established.
From humble beginnings, Pentridge Prison grew to house some of Victoria's most notorious criminals.
Hard physical labour and isolation were common punishments for 19th century Victorian prisoners.
An Irish migrant became one of the most influential men in Victorian public life.
Despite his passion for cultural development, judge Redmond Barry was ruthless in court.
From activist, to rebel, to controversial politician – Peter Lalor's life was truly one of contrast.