In the Victorian bush, one type of criminal reigned supreme: the tough and ruthless bushranger.

Despite all their crimes against police and the general population, Victoria's outlaws have always ignited public fascination and sometimes sympathy. From Dan ‘Mad Dog' Morgan to Ned Kelly, the bushranger is an icon of 19th century life in the bush.

Learn who these men (and occasionally women) were, what they did, and why they had such a huge impact on Victoria's criminal history.

Harry Power was the inspiration behind Ned Kelly's criminal career, and one of Victoria's most daring bushmen.
Moody, restless and senselessly brutal, ‘Mad' Dan Morgan was one of Victoria's most notorious bushrangers.
Ned Kelly's passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings.
Ned Kelly's suit of armour is one of Victoria's most treasured and symbolic historical icons.
After Ned Kelly's execution, the 'science' of phrenology offered a window into his mind.