Everyday life

In 19th century Melbourne free land was scarce, housing was a problem, and when times got tough, people turned to alcohol.

Those who watched the city grow tell the story of how the streets were named, when the first brewery appeared, and how a woman got by in a man's world.

The witty observations of an Irish journalist tell the real story of life in Port Phillip.
Hard times and economic woes made the lure of alcohol all too tempting for Melbourne's common folk.
After some initial problems, Melbourne's city grid became an iconic feature of a rapidly growing town.
Melbourne's population in the 1800s reflected the city's growth as a bustling metropolis.
Melbourne's city street names link directly to the story of colonial life in Port Phillip.
Almost since their arrival, settlers had felt strongly that Port Phillip deserved to be a separate colony.
Female convicts and free settlers were a small but important part of Port Phillip's development.
In the 1830s, an influx of newcomers saw Melbourne flourish, and begin to resemble the metropolis we know today.