John Pascoe Fawkner's Constitution

Reproduction of first page of Fawkner's ideal constitution for a new colony.


Created by John Pascoe Fawkner, circa 1832.


Accession number: MS 13273


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts Collection.


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Constitution and form of Government

All men have equal political rights, therefore all males above the Age of Twenty One Years of Age, of sane mind will be entitled to vote for the Election of all Officers requisite to preserve social order and all persons of Ability and of Moral deportment will be eligible to hold any situation in the Ruling or government of the Colony


Firstly, One Head or Chief must be Elected to preserve order and enforce the Laws. He shall be designated, President, Or Chief Magistrate, He shall hold the Executive Power, and shall be president of the Legislative Council, holding therein the power to Negative any Law or enactment which may pass the Council, this negative to extend to any law which the Council may pass, on which occasion a meeting of the whole of the resident Householders Settlers and Male population above Twenty, before One Month expires shall be called, who shall have the objected Law laid before them and duly explained by the Council President or any other person upon which it shall be put to the vote and except Three fourths of the population thus assembled shall vote

Fawkner's constitution