The Batman Geelong treaty

Reproduction of the original manuscript of John Batman's treaty for the Geelong area with the Wurundjeri Aborigines from the Port Phillip Bay area, Victoria.


Created by John Batman, 6 June, 1835. Manuscript.


Accession number: MS13485


From the State Library of Victoria's Australian Manuscripts Collection.


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Be it Remembered That on the day and Year within written possession and delivery of the Tract of Land within mentioned was made by the within named Jagajaga Jagajaga Jagajaga, Cooloolock Bungarie Yanyan Moowhip Mommarmalar Chiefs of the Tribe of Natives called Dutigallar Geelong to the within named John Batman by the said Chiefs taking up part of the Soil of the said tract of Land and delivering the same to the said John Batman in the name of the whole

Batman's treaty