Nichaolas pateshall's diary: unhappy convicts

Reproduction of Third Lieutenant Nicholas Pateshall's original diary entry, which includes the passage '...what must have been the feeling of the unhappy convicts...'


Third Lieutenant Nicholas Pateshall, circa 1803. 42p document.


Accession number: MS13479


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts Collection.


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Our stay here was but short; weighing again at day light, we stood down Channel with the Ocean, and soon came in sight of Scilly, from which place we took our final departure, with little hopes of seeing it again in less than two years:- if the keen affliction of leaving friends, brought tears in the eyes of the oldest seaman, what must have been the feelings of the unhappy Convicts, banished for ever from their homes, and many from relations most sincerely attached to them, who from pure affection, remained on board the Ship, to take their last farewell; until out of harbour. -

Nicholas Pateshall's diary